the search

For some reason when I realize or decide that I need something ranging from accessories to furniture to dog toys, even after I purchase the item I continue searching for it. Somehow just the thought “oh, I would like a bracelet” becomes a habit of perpetually searching for bracelets and noticing other people’s bracelets.  Even after I finally decide  (i.e. purchase the said item) after revisiting various websites and leaving retail workers baffled at how many times can someone contemplate the purchase of a bracelet, I continue on the quest.  It’s not just with bracelets or lamps either. It’s happened with things as seemingly noticeable as a car. While driving in a recently purchased car I will still ‘shop’ for cars.  I have found myself standing at a register to purchase a tea kettle only to have someone ask “don’t you like the one you bought last week?”  

During a frenzy of packing we suffered a shortage of boxes. As you can probably guess, even after the move was complete I found myself eyeing boxes outside stores or piles of boxes waiting for recycling, and wondering how I could possibly carrying them on my bicycle.

They say it takes about six weeks for something to form a habit. I am guessing that for me it might just take six minutes.